A patent gives its owner the right to exclude others from making, using, selling, offering for sale or importing subject matter that falls within the scope of the patent. To qualify for patent protection, an invention must be novel and must not be an obvious modification of existing technology.

There are three types of patentsUtility, Design and Plant. There are also two types of Utility Patents Provisional and Nonprovisional.

Prior Art Search Reports

  • A Prior Art Search Report provides you with knowledge of what inventions have already been patented and can give you an idea of how patentable your invention is. It is usually a good idea to search the prior art and evaluate the distinctions between it and your innovations before committing to the significant expenses of the patenting process.

Provisional Patent Applications

  • Provisional Patent Applications provide a quick and inexpensive way to protect an invention. It grants an inventor “patent pending” status for one year, giving you time to decide whether the concept is marketable, profitable and worth the investment of an utility application. It also can protect you while you further develop an idea that is not yet perfected.

Utility Patents

  • A Utility Patent protects the function of a device, a method of performing a task, or a process of forming or manipulating a material. This is the type of patent the Wright brothers used to protect the airplane and Edison used to patent the light bulb. It typically takes about 3 years for a utility patent to issue and requires detailed negotiation and communication with the Patent Office Examiners.

Design Patents

  • A Design Patent protects the unique shape of a functional device. Windex® bottles have a characteristic shape distinct from a 409® bottle. These bottles are protected by Design Patents.

International Patent Protection

PCT applications, submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization, allow an inventor to protect an invention across the globe. The PCT system is different than the U.S. Patent system and requires special knowledge and skill to adequately preserve you rights in foreign countries. Bennett Intellectual Property has managed international patent portfolios for clients and knows how to best utilize the PCT system. We also have long standing relationships with attorneys all over the world, including Europe, China, Japan, Australia, S. Korea, Indonesia and India. We also know the various procedures available to streamline patenting in multiple countries

Representative Patents

10,711,479 Airfoil as wind mitigation system for securing building rooftops exposed to elevated winds
10,683,877 Static bilge pump
10,535,111 Apparatus, code, methods and systems for providing proof of trust related to smart contracts
10,417,925 Guided tour audio communication systems having optical reader programming
10,299,654 Fluid suction device
10,270,954 LED Lighting system controller
10,245,044 Surgical devices and methods for immobilizing a sacroilial joint
10,109,262 Apparatus and method for double reed assembly
10,059,405 High stability low drag boat hull keel having inverted foil configuration
9,750,933 Transcutaneous neural stimulation device
9,642,825 Bio-available N-acetyl creatine species and compositions thereof
9,517,550 Dual-head tool system with safety lock
9,406,287 Portable component marimba
9,241,798 Surgical methods and tools
9,114,150 Stable aqueous compositions comprising bioactive creatine species
7,663,022 Transgenic bioluminescent plants
7,517,669 Gene regulation therapy involving ferritin
7,456,028 Electrochemical method for detecting water born pathogens
7,348,183 Self-contained microelectrochemical bioassay platforms and methods
7,240,911 System for controlling distribution of fluid to a system of air bags for use with vehicular trailers
7,153,703 Synthesis of stable colloidal nanocrystals using organic dendrons
7,147,441 Microfluidics and small volume mixing based on redox magnetohydrodynamics methods
7,127,909 Crushed ice extruder
6,988,561 Ergonomic planar grading hand tool
6,983,580 Variable size product on edge packaging system
6,887,714 Microvolume immunoabsorbant assays with amplified electrochemical detection
6,745,129 Wavelet-based analysis of singularities in seismic data
6,720,473 Intra-vascular administration of particles to induce pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary hypertension syndrome, and ascites in poultry
6,657,052 Biomolecular labeling
6,399,698 Process for the synthesis of epoxidized natural oil-based isocyanate prepolymers for application in polyurethanes
6,346,544 Desmethyl tocopherols for protecting cardiovascular tissue